Tanjung Puting National Park

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Tanjung Puting is an orangutan tourism park located in Kotawaringin Barat regency, Central Kalimantan Province, this is a very distant tour of West Kotawaringin district and also very difficult access to go to these tourist attractions, so this tour is an international and national tourism because there are many tourist destinations from overseas that come here because of the beauty of the forest and the park is still there, tanjung park including the indonesian living here including orangutans in Indonesia or in the world, this is an abandoned orangutan tourism park on the island of Borneo here

to get access to Tanjung Puting tourism park is very difficult because it is very far from the district or province and access is also using a speedboat or ship with a very long distance to go to Tanjung Puting park from the district we see a distance of 10 km to the Kumai area launched then from Kumai we board this ship will depart for about 5 hours to the place of Tanjung Puting tourism park, but we can use a speed boat so that the distance traveled faster using our Budi can increase with a distance of about 1 hour but with a more expensive cost, when we are in Tanjung Puting park we cannot use clothes that are very prominent because it will make the orangutan’s reaction to hurt us.

Get when we unite smoothing invite family and friends because it can save costs, for entry fees per person around Rp150,000 but we are in groups so we are cheaper for transportation costs to Tanjung Puting tourist park, when we travel in Tanjung Puting park in Di here there is no place for people to sell because it requires an orangutan ecosystem and the cleanliness of the environment in this park is only available like ancient relics and very shady forests and sightings of people who hang.

when we visit Tanjung Puting bring food supplies because when we are there we will definitely accept and when on the way to go home it will take longer and it will arrive at night.

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