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Tanjung Keluang is one of the tours located in the Kotawaringin Barat area of ​​Pangkalan Bun Regency, Central Kalimantan Province, Tanjung Keluang is one of the favorite tourist attractions in the Bangkalan Regency where Tanjung Tanjung has a very beautiful beauty and cleanliness which is still rarely touched by tourists with green sea and shady trees, Tanjung this space is close to Tanjung Puting tourism, but different only different from the location of the tourist place, where Tanjung Puting is in the middle of the sea, but Tanjung Kluang is on the edge of the sea.

Address Tanjung this opportunity is in the address of the West Kumai Kotawaringin stronghold of Central Kalimantan if you visit the Cape opportunity through or you are in Central Kalimantan Province You can take a four-wheel or two-wheel drive, to take Tanjung Keluang Beach if we are in Palangkaraya with a distance around 478 km with a minimum duration of 9 hours is very far if we are in the province of Central Kalimantan but if we use two wheels and families may not be too slow because in Kalimantan it is not too advanced compared to us in the Jakarta area to walk here is also very smooth and no traffic jams to go to Tanjung Keluang tour which is in Kotawaringin Barat district of Kumai Subdistrict the road is quite good not many holes and very smooth to take the tour Tanjung this opportunity also many tourists here can be seen from the summary on Google Map where here use 4.3 rati ng rating is a lot of tourism Quite satisfied and more satisfied because seen in terms of Tanjung Pulang beach beach is very clean and neat or nice scenery and clean of garbage and the water is very clean if you visit Tanjung Pulang beach you should visit not on weekends if we are on weekends it is very crowded but if we do not visit on weekends it is possible that there is no free fee or ticket and free parking but if we visit on weekends there are certainly no people selling food therefore we should bring food with family so we are not difficult to find food at the Tanjung Keluang tourist location.

After we arrived at Kumai Subdistrict to travel to the Tanjung location of the room we had to use a boat to cross it only 10000 per person or Rp150,000 per person or once crossing but at that price paid off with what we saw by the Cape scene very clean beaches and rubbish and very clean water, added value from Tanjung tourism opportunities or Tanjung Keluang Beach That beach is clean as in Karimun Jaya where this beach is rarely touched by tourists because we have to cross first to get to the beach. your children to visit Tanjung Keluang tourism.

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