Sampit Wood Museum

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Sampit wood museum is one of the tours in Central Kalimantan in Kotawaringin Barat Sampit district. This is one of the tourist destinations created by the Province of East Kalimantan, this is at the address of Jalan S Parman number 1 new laughing hulu Ketapang, East Kotawaringin district, Central Kalimantan Province , this is one of the tourist destinations in the middle of the city of East Kotawaringin district. This tour presents wood carving as a characteristic of wood in East Kalimantan.

visit this tour or the Sampit wooden attack museum to visit On weekdays because for Saturday it will not close to open because there are no officers who will guard and the wood is in Sampit If we want to visit wooden tourism in the Sampit area of ​​Kotawaringin Timur we are in The Province of Central Kalimantan Palangkaraya we traveled about 4 hours with a distance of 222 km where we go through Punduh District if we reach Sampit Regency, to go to wooden tourism in the Kotawaringin Timur regency. We can use our two-wheeled or four-year wheels for mutual comfort the family was advised to win 4 wheels because our access is very far from the province of Central Kalimantan as well as guaranteed safety if we use four-wheeled children well maintained for access roads to this tour is quite good already paved and smoothly there is no congestion for on Google This map is very good, where is Situbondo rating 4.0 tourism enjoyed this wooden tour which was located in the East was built in 2003 and was inaugurated on October 6, 2004 Why this tour is called wooden tourism because the machine is called a wood machine because the city of Sampit was very successful in those years food logging is like ah with a wooden museum to commemorate wood friends at that time.

We want to visit this wooden tour not to bring food or food because it is in the middle of the city of East Kotawaringin, many people sell around here for ticket prices I don’t know but the added value of this word is very good where we can see carvings or models of animals and ornaments used wood characteristics that are very rare in other cities to increase the knowledge of our children and our families.

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