Mentaya River

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Sungai Mentaya is one of the definite events of tourism in the East Kotawaringin regency of Central Kalimantan Province, the river which is in the address of the city of Sampit, Kotawaringin Raya, the river estuary is located in the bay of Sampit in the Java Sea, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Sampit or in Kotawaringin Timur district, the mentaya river is like Darmaga or a park established by the local government which is used to attract local tourists and outside tourists, many children or adolescents who are parents who often play on the pier in the afternoon and afternoon.

Mentaya River, which has been in the city of Sampit for a long time, was established by the local government where the satay was intentionally made by the local government for the Kotawaringin Timur city government and to attract foreign and local tourists. For the foundation of the Mentawai river or this dock using iron wood or wood leather originating from Kalimantan’s characteristics with basic materials such as this variety is very strong and sturdy for the long term because this rich is famous for iron wood in Kalimantan This pier is one of the functions used for ship jetty and Klotok which are referred to by Borneo people or from the Kotawaringin Timur language district Sampit this tourist destination is free of charge because it is free and free of charge for parking services, to visit Mentaya tourism is in East Kotawaringin if we are from Central Kalimantan province we take about 4 hours with a distance of around 200 km when we visit beach tourism we can use two-wheeled four-wheeled motorbikes because this tour is in the middle of Kotawaringin regency East Sampit when we are in Linkaja tourism We don’t need to stock or drink because this business many people sell on the roadside and he did not need to bother to bring it open again because this note was in the middle of the city of East Kotawaringin.

there are a lot of added values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we can get from this pier tour where we can enjoy the beautiful river pier where ships passing by and children bathing in the afternoon we can invite children and families to take a bath at the pier or mentaya river because it is free and without parking fees.

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