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Lake Nature Snow is one of the tours in East Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan Province, the lake in the White Sand area of ​​Mentawa Biru, East Kotawaringin, Central Kalimantan, this tour is a lake tourism located in East Kalimantan, why is the Lake Nature Snow Tourism named after snow this on the outskirts of the Lake there is White Sand which is similar to a pile of snow and with blue water The lake is very clear and clean we can see cooler scenery in the natural lake of snow.

the nature of snow funds is very far if we are in Central Kalimantan Province with a distance of about 1000 kilometers, which is almost 24 hours to reach the tourist and nature of snow in East Kotawaringin, the Lake of Snow was once a fishing pond for locals but now and given facilities such as water duck games not in the middle of the lake or can swim renting inflatable boats for children playing in the middle of the lake, the natural lake of snow that can be called in the Sampit area is a soil factor that peat looks at the bottom of the water but is actually clear water only, this tour does not receive enough attention from the government because of the lack of popularity on social media and its exposure in 1 tour in Central Kalimantan, when we come here with family and children We should use four wheels because when we use two wheels we are difficult because travel is so far to take this tour but when we are arrived in this city we can let go of the tiredness by enjoying the cool atmosphere of the lake and with the green beauty on each lake we can take a bath here do fishing playing water using duck water toys with the family around the lake.

The added value of this tour is the beauty of the lake. Where we can play with children to let go of fatigue at the end of the holiday to enter this tour, it only requires around Rp. 5,000 for entry tickets and parking. because there will be many tourists who will visit the natural lake of snow it is better that we come here on the weekend of Friday or Saturday, I am not in the lake of snow nature we should bring supplies and we can eat with family without us having to buy food on the Lake of nature snow.

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