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Lake Gatel

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Lake Gatal is a tourist attraction in the West Kotawaringin district Kotawaringin old district of Central Kalimantan province. This Gatal lake is included in the kelurahan of the village of Rungun in the Kotawaringin subdistrict. The lake is a tourist attraction that has long been in Central Kalimantan but is rarely touched by tourists. because of the lack of popularity of this tourist attraction. Itch Lake does not mean the lake is Gatal or the water of this Lake itching is only the mention of the name of the lake dance local area This lake is almost exactly Lake Toba where in the middle of the lake there is a small island but in the middle of the lake there are still shady trees.

This itch lake is often visited by tourists both school children and outside tourism on weekends most of the tours that come only for photography and recreation with family Because these funds are very convenient to be creative with family and friends with cool places, sometimes Lake Itching tours Only to enjoy hobbies, which is fishing very many people who are fishing here because there are various fish in this lake, password creation to the lake with friends and family bring supplies because these tourist attractions are very seldom available at this tourist site to reach the place we travel with a distance of about 17 kilos with a duration of about 30 minutes but to reach this tour the road to the itch lake has not been paved due to lack of attention from the local government, this Gatal lake is famous for its many Rengas wood that is if tourists are exposed to wood it will itch then from that Lake is called a lake Gatal many children often bathe here and fishing are feared because the Rengas wood can make the demons feel Gatal.

Lake Gatel is indeed lacking the attention of the government, the lack of trash cans and coloring on tourist attractions without public toilets is also not there because it is very way of translating to tourism, this tour is perfect for children because we can take a bath here and fishing with family.

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