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Teluk bogam beach is a beach located in the Kumai area in Kotawaringin Barat district, Central Kalimantan Province, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kumai beach area in Kumai sub-district in Teluk bogam village, Kotawaringin Barat district, Teluk bogam beach is a beautiful tourism and beach the vast area with evergreen trees takes place on every seaside, Borneo Beach is also one of the beaches that are wanted by outside tourists because of its beauty and very lack of tourism and clean translation.

Jogan Beach tourism is one of the favorite destinations of local tourists because every weekend beach holiday event is one of the beaches that are highly coveted by local tourists because of its beauty and the distance that is not too far from the district, Teluk bamam Beach is also close to Other beaches, namely Pantai Raya and Tanjung Keluang beach, The journey to reach this beach is around 52 KM or can be accessed with a duration of about 1 hour 40 minutes where the trip to reach this tourist destination has been paved and smooth, there are no beach obstacles. tourist attraction where the beach is free and the waves are small for us to bathe on the beach. This beach also has mangrove trees around the beach planted by the local government, but from weekdays or weekdays Teluk bogam Beach is quiet not too crowded like on weekend days or weekends this very holiday popular compared to other beaches around the bay beach of Bogor but this beach is the infrastructure or facilities to support tourists, for example on this beach the absence of people selling food makes tourists have to bring lunch when we are on the beach of Bogor Bay.

in the future, it may be noted that gamini books should be given or given maximum infrastructure such as public toilets for bathing and people selling food and more greening such as mangroves.

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