Anugerah Beach

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Anugerah Beach in Sukamara Regency, Central Kalimantan, Sukamara Regency is a New Regency where the district was inaugurated in 2012, Anugerah is a beach tourism destination located in Sukamara Regency, located close to Sukamara Regency, this beach is very suitable for children and family where this beach has a very large and cool land.

This beach in Sukamara Regency is one of the other beaches, namely Jorong Beach, Luci Beach, Tabuk Beach, this size lantern is very far from Sukamara Regency, how to take the Anugerah Beach with a distance of 66 km with a duration of about 1 hour and half to get to This beach has got a taxi transportation route even though the two wheels are a story through it because to get to this beach the road has been paved, the grace found in Central Kalimantan is a beach that is rarely highly interpreted by tourists because it is very far and less exposed to social media, beaches this is a lot of cypress trees in every coastal area makes this beach very cool we can gather with families with children under this pine tree by eating food, when we are at Anugerah beach we have to bring food supplies because here the lack of food vendors on this beach.

Anugerah open beach is a new concept beach in the middle of the beach there is a road leading to the middle of the beach created by the local village government to make the beach look better, this beach does not look like usual where the beach is brown white, when we are on the beach this entrance ticket is free and we only pay for parking and even then on holidays for weekdays free parking and entrance tickets come to Anugerah beach during holidays because there will be many people selling food here without us having to bring lunch.

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